Campus Ministry

Our campus ministry exists to equip and empower students to live the way of Jesus. We have four prayers for students on Murray State's campus. 

Prayer One. We pray for each student to embrace a relationship with God's People and the Diving Community of Father, Son and Spirit.

Prayer Two. We pray that each student would engage by serving our campus and our city in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Three. We pray for each student to exchange their story and cultural stories for God's Story. 

Prayer Four. Our final prayer is for each student to encounter God's presence through the kairos, Spirit-filled moments of a life of worship. 

We believe the transformation of disciples into the image of the Son is the best way for our campus and our city to experience the good news of what God has done in Christ by the power of the Spirit - formation is for the sake of mission.
Our campus ministry is supported by the University Church of Christ. We have a ministry house at the corner of 14th and Olive. It's behind Tap 216 and across from Wood's Hall. 

Each week we seek to create environments and conversations to fuel our mission. Each environment or experience is only a small part of what we do as a ministry or what we believe to be a holistic expression of a follower of Jesus. We gather to be sent - what we do together in the name of Jesus feeds what we do apart in the world.

On Wednesday nights there is a free meal at the University Church from 5:30-6:15 PM, followed by a Conversation at 6:30 PM. These conversations are designed to help students exchange any cultural stories they have embodied for the Story of God. Topics will vary each week, covering an array of ideas - social media, new heaven and new earth, mental health, debt, baptism, new creation vs. old creation.

Monday nights at 7:00 PM we offer a gathering called The Story. This time is created for students to encounter the presence of our living God through teaching and response of the good news of Jesus.

Finally, there is the call to engage. As a ministry we will have specific times where we engage our campus and our city. The call to serve in the name of Jesus is an all day, every day life of devotion. We desire for engaging in love to permeate all that we do as a faith family. God's Spirit is forming us into the image of the Son for the sake of His mission.
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